If I handle your case I can promise 2 things, I am really really good at what I do, and I will work hard for you. My best day as an attorney happened when I had a profound impact on a client's life. Recently, I saved the job of a commercial truck driver. I kept his family from being put out on the street. Judge said I was one of the best DUI Lawyers he had seen in 30 years.   ONLINE REVIEWS    My name is David and when I got my 3rd DUI I hired Pat Silva to fight for me and he did! He got my 3rd DUI dropped, all I had to do was plead no contest to a few moving violations. I had a bac of .17 and he still got it dropped that's why I call him the specialist!

Patrick J. Silva DUI Defense Attorneys

Posted by Kyle 
August 23, 2017

Trusted Lawyer

​I trusted attorney Silva with my legal issue and his work was spectacular! Thank goodness I found Mr Silva, without his help I don't know where I would be. Give him a call if you want the best attorney to work on your case.

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Posted by Tommy 
April 10, 2017

​Excellent attorney

​I hired Mr. Silva to defend me against my second DUI charge. I didn't have high hopes of beating the case, but decided to give it a shot and hire an attorney anyway. Concurrent with my court case, I was also disputing my license suspension with the DMV. I attended my DMV hearing and they upheld the suspension. This was my low point. I figured if I lost at the DMV hearing, I didn't have much of a chance in the court case. Mr. Silva remained optimistic and helped me keep the faith. He said due to the facts of my case he still thought we had a good chance in court. A few pre-trial hearings later, the DA wasn't budging and it was looking like we were headed for trial. At the final hearing before a trial date was to be set, he worked his magic with the DA and was able to get my charge reduced and my license suspension reversed. I am forever grateful to Mr. Silva for what he was able to do for me. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great DUI defense attorney.

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Posted by Toby C 
August 26, 2017

Awesome lawyer

​Attorney Pat Silva saved my license and my job and I didn't even have to appear he took care of everything thanks Pat. Toby C

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Posted by Martina 
July 31, 2017

Amazing Lawyer & Practice

​Patrick immediately made me feel taken care of as if I was family. He walked me through the process and helped me feel as ease through this stressful time in my life. Would recommend him and the firm to anyone and everyone!

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Posted November 2017

Recently one of our clients, A. L. was arrested for a Dui. His blood alcohol level was alleged to be a .16 after his blood was tested. The problem we had is that our client is a commercial truck driver and without his license his employer would fire him right on the spot. There was a legal issue in regards to the DMV hearing, we were able to prove that his blood was not taken within 3 hours of the time of driving, this saved his Class A License and it saved his job. 

Just another success story from Patrick Silva DUI Specialist.

Posted by Quotesha 
January 16, 2017

​Best defense attorney in the inland empire

​Mr. Silva worked on two back to cases for me and I got the best results, I was astonished. Very good man, he definitely gives his clients the best service and results with any case. def recommend

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Posted by Christian 
April 13, 2017

​Far exceeded my expectations

​​I first consulted Mr. Silva by word of mouth of a personal friend of mine. As soon as started talking about my case of a .14 DUI I knew that Mr. Silva had every intention of being on my team. We spoke about what we could expect from this case and what the processes would be. He assured me that he would do everything in his power to help me. When Mr. Silva spoke to me of his presence in the court room, I knew he was the perfect person for my case. Through it all he kept me updated, and gave me specific information that I may need in the future. Mr. Silva was able to bring lower .14 DUI to a wet reckless. After the case they continued to give legal advice beyond the fees I had paid them, even as far as to send documents to the DMV and court system. Absolutely would recommend Mr. Silva to anyone who needs legal assistance for a DUI.

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